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Anti static fabric factory

Our company has 200 imported water-jet looms with the annual capacity of 16 million meters,We also have our own research and development team and a quality assurance team, The production conforms to ISO9001:2000 international standard.

  • Durable Anti Static Cheap Twill Fabric for Industry Clothing
  • Quality assured 100D 98% Polyester Anti-static fabric for lab security
  • English Chinese (Simplified) "Customer First, Excellent Quality" is our commitment to every customer.


Anti-static cloth has always attracted people's attention because of its high-efficiency and permanent anti-static and dust-proof effects, and its characteristics of clear fabric texture and soft hand feeling. Its use is mainly used to make dust-proof clothing and anti-static clothing. The effect of corona discharge or leakage discharge, different specifications of fabrics are suitable for different anti-static or clean environments, and applications in medical, pharmaceutical, food, precision instruments, aerospace and other industries that are sensitive to static electricity and require high cleanliness. The anti-static series produced by Kailong Textile has been widely used in the work clothes of well-known electronics companies at home and abroad such as Samsung, LG, Foxconn, etc. Its quality is clear at a glance, and its competitive advantage has become more obvious.

Anti static fabric

The product is suitable for all kinds of antistatic industry work clothes fabrics in electronic industry, electric power industry, coal industry and so on.

Anti static sewing thread

It is used for sewing all kinds of anti-static clothing and other products. It is made of carbon fiber twist, with good tensile force, good electrical conductivity, and the electrostatic index conforms to industry standards.

Functional fabric

Processing various kinds of fabrics such as flame retardant, fireproof, acid and alkali, etc., suitable for clothing materials in various special industries.

Medical fabrics

This product is suitable for hospital bedding, surgical gowns, doctor and nurse clothing, etc., with antibacterial and antistatic functions.


Anti static fabrics are used in all kinds of work clothes fabrics such as dust-free workshops, anti-static places, laboratories, food workshops, packaging workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, spraying workshops, etc., in line with static industry standards.

Our Portfolio

Dongguan Kailong Textile Co., Ltd. deals in various functional fabrics such as anti-static silk, TC/TR anti-static fabric, anti-radiation fabric, waterproof and flame retardant, etc. The anti-static products include anti-static clean clothing, anti-static shoes, anti-static hat, Various protective workshop supplies such as anti-static sewing thread, anti-static gloves, and dust-free cloth.

Service and efficiency

shikibu°High-performance conductive fiber has a preventive effect on static electricity that causes various malfunctions

Professional anti-static fabric manufacturer

An anti-static fabric supplier integrating R&D, production and sales, specializing in the production of dust-free workshops, anti-static and other professional workshop work clothes fabrics, customized production of special functional fabrics, etc., currently producing anti-static silk, polyester-cotton anti-static fabrics , Polyester anti-static cloth, cotton anti-static cloth, anti-static sewing thread, carbon fiber conductive yarn, anti-static shoes and other products, service-oriented and quality-based, provide standardized anti-static products to the professional demand market.

Anti static products

Anti-static coat Functional clothing

Anti-static coveralls Antibacterial clothing

PU PVC Takat Antistatic shoes

Dust-free clothing antistatic clothing

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Dongguan Kailong Textile Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of anti-static fabrics. At present, the company has imported production equipment and a stable production base for weaving and dyeing. The company has established an environmental testing system to ensure products Technical performance meets the needs of users, to ensure that the company's products have stable, safe, and reliable quality, to meet the different needs and development of users, and to provide customers with a complete product service guarantee.


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